Everyone needs their NFL fix, and there is nothing better than sitting back on the couch with a beer and watching the game. There are now several services offering every NFL game in your home, without cable. We are gonna take a look at two of the best. Both DirecTV Sunday Ticket on PS3 and NFL.com’s Game Rewind have their positive attributes, it really will come down to personal preference when you decide to pick your fix. To help ”The Commish” has done some research for you as I own both Sunday Ticket on my PS3 and Game rewind. I’d love to share my thoughts…hopefully it helps you make an informed decision.


Right up front people wanna know…how much does it cost? Well this is actually one of the biggest differences between the two services. Many, after reading the next paragraph, will know which they would prefer.

Sunday Ticket on PS3

To have every game of the NFL season live on your 50 inch flat screen via your PS3 will run you a much improved $299.95 ($340 last year) I love the fact Sunday ticket brings every game to my big screen, but it does cost 300 bucks! $299 could easily get you to a live NFL game at your neighborhood stadium. If you have the money and want it live, then Sunday Ticket on your PS3 may be for you. If that cost is a deal breaker, Game Rewind is a fantastic alternative.

Game Rewind

Game Rewind in stark contrast is $39.99 for the entire season. The major difference here is…Game Rewind only allows you to watch a game after it’s completed live. It’s basically like having every NFL game DVR’d. If you are feeling the effects of our struggling economy Game Rewind may be for you. The low cost of such an extensive service gets Game Rewind a score in this matchup against the DirecTV/Sony powerhouse.

  • Game Rewind 1
  • Sunday Ticket 0


Sunday Ticket on PS3

After week 1 of the NFL season I was very disappointed in my investment. In the first round of games I was only able to watch 2 of the 10+ games. I had issues with skipping, poor quality picture, and a lack of technical support. Credit to Sunday Ticket…at least they offered customers $25 back for their week 1 debacle.  Here is an article we recently published on the Sunday Ticket PS3 issues we had & here is a video documenting the issues:

We are hoping the week 2 experience will much more like the second round of games in which many of these issues were corrected. We were able to watch in 720p and had acceptable loading times when switching games. The ability to incorporate the RedZone Channel makes this service the premier between the two (Although NFL Network offers a RedZone Channel as well as a Mobile RZ Channel).  If there are no more streaming mishaps…Sunday Ticket on your PS3 should deliver. Until we see proof however, the possibility of missing games is just not worth the price of some new jewelry for your wife.

Game Rewind

For most Game Rewind will be accessed via your computer. Depending on you processing speed and screen type your quality of picture can vary greatly. I have a 4-year old computer and the picture quality is more than sufficient. There were times when the picture became pixely, but it was usually because I had something else running. One of my favorite features of GR is the ability to go quad screen, taking in 4 games at one time. As a fantasy football enthusiast I love the fact that I can put on 4 games and watch half my team play at the same time. However, if you miss all the games live, you also miss opportunities to snatch players off the waiver wire. Again, comes down to personal preference, but for the money I gotta give this one to Game Rewind as well.

Here is what the Game Rewind interface looks like:

  • Game Rewind 2
  • Sunday Ticket 0


Sunday Ticket on PS3

Sunday Ticket brings new technology powered by Sony to your house. There is no underestimating the power of having every game live at your fingertips. If they iron out the issues with streaming and increase technical support I have a hard time believing people will be disappointed with the service. But as we all know, every game counts, and missing the first 10 really hurts Sunday Ticket and DirecTV. If the cost was closer to $100, I think most people would forgive an issue here and there, but when you ask $299 of hard working people, you better get it right.

Game Rewind

Game Rewind is far less flashy, but it has delivered beyond my expectations. The ability to stream to your computer can free up the TV (for those of you who share with the family on Sundays) and give you a 4 game frenzy. The 10 second fast forward button is flawless and the picture quality was more than adequate. I also had no problems with connectivity. At this moment, early on in the season, I have to give the edge to Game Rewind. The choice, in my opinion, comes down to live vs. delayed and how much money you want to spend. I don’t think you can go wrong with either option…as they both give you all the NFL football you could ever need.

Winner – NFL.com Game Rewind



  • Torstein Gates

    I’m feeling a little dissatisfied with my PS3 NFL Sunday Ticket service… Game Rewind looks fantastic. Hopefully that $340 brings me a few key fantasy pickups this year to get me into the playoffs. Then I can rest easy on the money I spent. BTWs, PS3 gave me back $25 for the problems.

  • http://quickfixsports.com TheCommish

    That is very cool they offered money back, but it still pisses me off that i missed so many games. And if it happened once…it could easily happen again. I really like Game Rewind because i get NFL Networks RedZone Channel, so i get to watch all the games at once and have them DVR’d.

    Not to mention It is 10x cheaper!

  • scbaker

    I don’t understand your comment about Game Rewind: “stuck with watching games in your area”. All games are available (as your screenshot shows) – there are no blackouts. Or did you mean you can only watch LIVE games in your area on broadcast TV? I got rid of my cable this summer (tired of the high prices and basically being forced to subscribe to a bunch of channels I never watched.) Giving up NFL was the biggest hit, but NFL Game Rewind has been a very nice substitute – plus I get to watch my Steelers every week! My only complaint at the moment is that they’re very slow putting up the Monday night game. It’s supposed to be 24 hrs after MNF ends, but it’s been several hours late the last two weeks.

  • http://quickfixsports.com TheCommish

    @SCBAKER…thank you for catching that error. You are not stuck with games in your area when using Game Rewind. You can view every game in league.

    I did mean you could only watch live games in your area, but it was confusing. I would love to get rid of my cable as well, but i just love the NFL Networks RedZone Channel too much.

    Game Rewind is well worth the money and i have also been very satisfied…