The Professional Development Football League (PDFL) and the flagship Tacoma Cobras were founded in 2009 by Washington State native Theo Hall. The PDFL aims to give former college players and dedicated athletes an opportunity to continue their dreams of gridiron glory.

While the young league has had its growing pains, they now appear to have all the right pieces in place. The Cobras have an indoor practice facility, a series on the local cable network, and popular homegrown players. At the moment the Cobras and PDFL are practically one entity, but that will all change next season when they hope to add several more teams to their league.

Here are some things you should know about the PDFL and the Tacoma Cobras 

Strength & Speed Coach Nicholas Vujnich


Partnership with Battlefield Sports Conditioning

The Cobras have partnered with Battlefield Sports Conditioning to provide year-round facilities for their players. This could prove to be one of the greatest assets to the Cobras as they continue to improve. Strength Coach and Battlefield Co-Owner, Nicholas Vujnich has developed a program to not just improve specific areas, but improve strength and conditioning together. Rather than playing for several months and sitting around the rest of the year, the players will have passing leagues and various workout programs to continue their progression.

Click Cable Network and Social Media

Click Cable will air a series featuring the Cobras throughout the season. This local network will give a local team unprecedented access to what the PDFL has to offer. Fans will have access to everything from behind-the-scenes action, to workouts, and game day action.  Also, the Cobras are involved in every facet of social media to bring fans the latest information about the Cobras.   Fans can show their support for the Cobras and the PDFL through their website and twitter.  Quick Fix Sports has also joined forces with the Cobras and PDFL and will be covering the league in 2012.

Home-Grown Washington Talent

Darrion Jones (UW Husky 05'-09')

In order to condition and advertise, you need to have the players the fans want to see. The Cobras have definitely delivered in this respect. Former UW DE Darrion Jones, LB Brandon Huppert, and WSU alum Easton Johnson headline a very successful combine and infusion of talent. Not only will these athletes be a great addition on the field, but their local fan base will be just as valuable from a marketing standpoint.  Here is our breakdown of the top 4 players at the 2012 Cobras Combine.

Bakersfield Falcons

This year players and fans alike will get a rare opportunity to see the Cobras clash with the Bakersfield (CA) Falcons. The Falcons are part of the National Public Safety Football League(NPSFL) composed of peace keepers and firefighters from all public services branches in the Bakersfield area. The NPSFL features public services officers from New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and more. While these two teams play for different goals, one thing is for certain…it will be a great day for football fans.

Easton Johnson (Former WSU Cougar)

The Future of the PDFL & Tacoma Cobras

When it comes down to it, this year will ultimately determine the future success of the PDFL. The addition of great players, the cable series, improved workout facilities, increased media exposure, and the game against Bakersfield are all signs that this organization is moving in the right direction. There is so much faith in this league, that several teams are slated to join, starting in 2013. Football needs a feeder system like this one. The MLB has several tiers of Minor Leagues, the NBA has their developmental league and Europe, but the NFL has only the colligate system. The AFL may be the most popular “minor league” for football in this country, but they don’t play the same game as the NFL.

League founder, Theo Hall, hopes that by establishing a league that emulates the NFL these former college players and dedicated athletes will achieve greater success that will ultimately lead to the expansion and evolution of the PDFL.




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