I should be happy. It’s a warm summer night, I have a beer in hand and there’s nobody around to bother me. Well I’m NOT! Every time I turn on ESPN all I see is stinkin baseball. To some this might be a dream come true but for me it’s a nightmare. You might disagree, you may even think I’m un-American for not loving our favorite pastime. So be it. Baseball sucks and here’s why…

Major League Boring…


Competitive Balance

Or should I say lack thereof? Why would anyone follow K.C. or Pittsburgh? And if you do, allow me to end your misery…Your team will NEVER win a championship. There’s no disputing the fact that small market teams are at a distinct disadvantage. Unlike the NFL (where a publicly owned team in Wisconsin can win it all) major league baseball does not provide an even playing field. In my mind, this is just un acceptable. It goes against everything sports are all about. And that leads me to…

Money Can’t Buy Love

But it sure as hell can get you a trophy. The NY times had an interesting chart about payrolls and how they correlate with winning. It shows that in the past decade only one team in the lower half of payroll has brought home a title. And the winningest franchises in that span? That would be the Yanks and Red Sox of course. Just so happens they are also the two teams with highest payroll. (and its not even close)

Source: www.graphics8.nytimes.com/

In politics and business, money buys you victories. Call me crazy but I like to think of sports as slightly better then that. Take money out of the equation and let the best damn team win.

Games are Meaningless

162 games in a regular season?! Are you freekin kidding me? Is that really necessary? When you play that much, each game is meaningless. There’s no value in a win, no sense of urgency. We just got smoked tonight but oh well, its only mid season, we have 99 more chances to get it back.

Say what you will about the bowls but the greatest thing in college football is that one loss is devastating. Every game truly matters; every play can decide whether your season is a success or a disappointment. I don’t think too many people in Cincy were crying themselves to sleep last week when the Brewers took them out with two runs in the ninth.

There’s no Strategy

Baseball fans will argue till their blue in the face but come on…. See ball, hit ball. Sure, you can go back and forth about when to use a suicide squeeze or put in the closer but it’s nothing like the complexities of football. A single play requires more choreography and planning then an entire 9 innings of MLB. Even basketball with its mere 5 players demands more preparation and strategizing then baseball. Lets be real here… When’s the last time you saw a manager bring the team together and take out a dry erase board?

And the #1 Reason Baseball Sucks is…

It’s BOOORING!  By the 7th inning stretch I’m stretched out on the couch sleeping. I will say this, it’s a great place to take a date. There’s not much to distract you, and a lot of time to work your charm. Not exactly a great argument for the MLB faithful but I guess its better then nothing.

Im sure by now there’s a whole lot of baseball die-hards fuming. Well go ahead, let me have it. Tell me why im wrong.       Crickets?…….. Yup, that’s what I thought.


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  • http://quickfixsports.com TheCommish

    Juice Man…you’re killing me. baseball is a beautiful game. So it’s not crashing into each other and running to daylight, but there is strategy within each at bat, that most don’t understand (so don’t feel bad). The strategy is between the pitcher and hitter, not the coaches. I think thats where so many people miss it. Its a chess game with a 95 MPH hard ball. It’s all good though…let the gladiator lovers stick to their pretend war games. The more sophisticated types will continue to enjoy “Americas Past Time”. And how could you not love a 7th inning stretch, time to eat hot dogs, drink beer, and talk with friends without missing much action?

  • http://quickfixsports.com Josh A

    Ah, I knew the commish would come the rescue of his beloved sport. A game of chess would be a good analogy. Baseball is to chess as football is to operation desert storm.
    Hot dogs, beer and friends are awesome. I just happen to call that a barbeque while you call it baseball.

  • http://quickfixsports.com Josh A

    In all honesty I enjoy a good day at the ballpark, especially with good company. Theres no way you could complain about a Sunday afternnon spent at Fenway.
    Watching it on tv is a whole nother matter that the commish and I will agree to dissagree about.

  • http://www.thehawaiianmarket.com mambler2002

    The highly underpublished value of baseball is for business. They’re relatively cheap tickets that can support an outing with the corporate office. There isn’t non-stop action which allows for conversation and deals to be made. Working in Chicago for 4 years, 95% of the games I went to were corporate purchased tickets.

  • jstep808

    There is definitely a disconnect between t.v. audiences and baseball. even the announcers have to think about things to talk about unrelated to what’s actually happening. how many times has one of their stories being interrupted by the bat finally making contact with the ball….,only to be a routine out.

  • deli064

    i went from a Google search to making a profile on this site, just to tell you how awesome this article is. i think baseball is incredibly boring, and i wish it would lose popularity.

  • http://quickfixsports.com Josh A

    @DELI064…Haha thanks for the read. I’m with you…baseball sucks and thank god its football season!

  • Hayden

    At least we don’t have to practice plays over an over to maybe get it right. We go as we play and don’t need to plan. If you actually played it. You would realize how hard it is.

  • Jux Berg

    I’m guessing you didn’t play baseball… generally speaking, the people who think baseball sucks never played. You’re entitled to your opinion, and I will counter with mine, which is baseball is by far the best sport– it is not a sport in which you can just out-athlete or out-height people– you can’t hold the ball to secure a win, or take a knee– you have to execute, you have to be focused, you have to be fundamentally sound, know the situation at all times, anticipate a hundred different scenarios… and, you have to give the other team a fair chance to get back in the game before it’s over.

  • Graecus Fabularis

    Well your totally wrong about no strategy because you need to know where people are out in the field to hit it to, know the batter and adjust the fielding, and you do not see what they do in the dugout. It is clear to me that you never played baseball and that sucks for you cause baseball is the best. I wonder why you even go through the hassle of making this when all of your data is invalid let alone snippy like “Im sure by now there’s a whole lot of baseball die-hards fuming. Well go ahead, let me have it. Tell me why im wrong. Crickets?…….. Yup, that’s what I thought.”


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  • http://www.facebook.com/joh2141 Joe Oh

    Knowing where people are is not strategy you idiot. All it means is you have awareness and good field vision. The closest thing baseball has to strategy is deciding the batting order which, let’s face it, a five year old can do just as good a job as those ridiculous coaches and managers in uniform.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joh2141 Joe Oh

    It’s not by far the best sport you tool. Baseball is hella fun to play though; doesn’t make it entertaining to watch. Just like lacrosse which is extremely fun to play but you’d have more fun watching paint dry than be a spectator at a lacrosse game.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joh2141 Joe Oh

    Also, the things you mentioned are included in just about every sport including football and basketball. It’s just that unlike baseball, those other sports also include athleticism and various other team effort strategy to pull to a victory. Bunch of tools everywhere.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joh2141 Joe Oh

    It’s also hard to take a dump in the middle of the food court at the mall. Does that make it entertaining to watch? Hell no. Get that ridiculous and stupid argument out of here.

  • Micah Banton

    The strategy in baseball is in the details. I was watching a game the other day with my wife at Safeco Field. Mike Trout was on first with two outs and it was a 0-2 count. Being a baseball guy…I knew Trout would be on the move soon. After a ball the count ran to 1-2, now I knew he was going. The anticipation of the play was exciting, my heart quickened, then he ran. Close play at 2B, but he made it in under the tag. Beautiful. My wife who doesn’t understand baseball, had no idea what was happening until she saw the throw. There are so many intricacies of the game that are intriguing, but only if you know the game. If you don’t know it, it’s simple and boring. Both sides may be correct in this case…

  • Brennon songer

    I love this website baseball sucks! I went on a field trip and watched till like the third inning and almost every1 was sleeping or not watching it because you can easily predict wats going to happen he hits it or he doesn’t they catch it they don’t they get him out they don’t baseball truly should not be a sport in takes about 10-15 % skill

  • adifferentview

    Yeah dude agree… I’m a Canadian and whenever I watch Blue Jays play, I feel so bored… I started watching by the 7th inning to make it more interesting. I think the reason for it is that in the early 16th century, Irish invented this game for school children and called it rounders. This was supposed to be a game played by kids. This was brought into the states late 18th century and they tried to make it as interesting as possible by spicing things up (different types of balls by the pitcher, make it harder to hit etc). Still, baseball has a lot of interest and the game is pretty enjoyable if the game tends to be a no-hitter. On the other hand soccer is the oldest sport was invented by the Chinese military (Tsu-Chu) as early as 3000 BC. And it was also played by the Greeks at around 2000 BC (called episkyros) and was a fun sport played by men & women. And the sport has been modified for over 1000′s of years to make it the best sport in the world.

  • drizzle

    Baseball is the worst “sport” on planet earth. Some try to argue that batting is one of the hardest things to do in any sport (and it might be), I know I couldn’t hit a 92 mph fast ball, but I also couldn’t knit a sweater but that doesn’t make my grandma an athlete! Its a skill, just like knitting, it doesn’t make you agile or athletic. I guess following the same logic then we could call a 275 pound nerd bowler who couldn’t jog to his car an athlete because he can bowl a 270? Hilarious proposition! There is little to no strategy involved, certainly not compared to sports like soccer, basketball and football. Out of the 3+ hours it takes to finish a game only like 5 minutes is actual live playing time. 0.2 seconds for the pitch to reach the plate, 1-2 seconds if their is a hot, by the time you add it all up its a few minutes tops, boring! The batter rarely hits the ball and when they do its more often then not a routine ground ball or pop up fly. Insanely boring, God kill me! ESPN highlights during baseball season are the worst, same semi diving catch, same double play, God kill me! Half the time these guys barely make an effort to even run to base, they spend the whole game scratching there nuts and when it comes time to make an effort they cant even do that. Oh and don’t even get me started on the no hitter deal. I admit that its amazing for the pitcher to accomplish this, but as far as entertaining, God kill me! Baseball is the worst!

  • drizzle

    Oh and I am Dominican, Born there and grew up in Miami!

  • drizzle

    Oh and do we even go into the fact that they are all a bunch of steroid using cheating punks! Look at how badly Armstrong was treated and how disgraceful his use was. Baseball players should be treated the same way, stripped of everything for their lying and cheating and disgracing the game and the concept of competition. Pathetic, they cant even compete like men, naturally.